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We are in the customer service industry (and we just happen to make donuts). We want our franchisees to make money and with over 50 years experience, we are experts in showing you what it takes to be profitable. We do this with distinctive and unique donuts and coffee with unmatched quality.

Summary of Common ?s

An initial investment of $165,000 secured from a third-party lender covers equipment and franchise fees. We train you and your staff so you don't need any restaurant experience. Your store can be up and running in 7-8 months.

We're assuming right now you are on the go. If you'd like more detailed information, visit our website from a desktop computer or contact us. Our information is below.

Who to Contact

For more information about how to become a franchise, please contact Lee Marcum:

  Volume = Vanity/Profit = Sanity

Over the last 50 years Jack’s Donuts has learned what it takes to make a successful and profitable business. With our relationships with baking and equipment suppliers we can put you on the fast track to making your own Jack’s Donuts a profitable success. With our expertise we can pinpoint exactly what makes you money and what could end up costing you money.

 Don't Just Survive, Thrive

We want our franchisees to make money……NOW! While it’s nice to take care of your neighbor it’s just as nice to take care of yourself and in order to give back you have to receive first. According to the National Restaurant Association, Americans consume 10 billion donuts a year. For 50 years Jack’s Donuts has weathered various recessions and economic downturns while making the business stronger and more profitable proving that their product can be recession proof.

 What We Look For

Jack’s Donuts is not in the donut business. Jack’s Donuts is in the customer service industry (we just happen to make donuts). If you have a positive attitude and want to make a positive influence on everyone you encounter we want you! We don’t just set up shop in a community. We become a part of the community. All Jack’s Donuts franchisees understand that to be successful you must take care of your customer base. Whether it be helping the local elementary school raise money to take a trip to Washington DC or showing local law enforcement how much they are appreciated with complimentary coffee we set an example of what it means to take care of your neighbor.

 Our Products

Jack’s Donuts offers a distinctive, high quality selection of cake and yeast donuts that have only broadened in style and type in the last 50 years. Through that time they have maintained a level of quality unmatched by the big corporate donut shops. Every donut at Jack’s Donuts is made by hand daily. Introduced in 2009, Jack’s Donuts Signature Coffee line and espresso products are committed to providing only the finest roasted coffees at the very peak of freshness. Our Roast Master has perfected the fine art of selecting only the very finest green coffees from all over the globe, and small batch roasting them to release the distinctive characteristics of each origin of coffee.

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You should. While we make every effort to helping you set up and transition into your new business venture, starting a business takes careful planning. So before jump in with both feet. Take a moment to read the FAQs. We have all your answers here

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We hope you took the time to read the information above (if not). It's important to us that you understand what we are about and how we operate. But, most importantly, we want to make sure you have information you need to make an informed decision.

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